When it comes to choosing a seat on the plane are you more of a window person or do you prefer the leg-space of the aisle? (Featured image by British Airways)

For those of us travelling with certain low-cost airlines, choosing a seat on the flight is a luxury that is simply not afforded.

But British Airways has looked into our preferences when we are able to choose where we sit, with some interesting results.

The airline allows passengers to pick their seat up to 24 hours in advance of their flight, or further in advance for an additional fee.

It seems that, when given the choice, most of us will choose the window over the aisle with BA’s research showing 6 per cent more bookings for seats by the window over seats on the aisle.



“We’ve all got into a discussion with our travelling companions about whether the aisle or the window is best with each side as determined as the other that they are right,” said Sara Dunham, British Airways’ head of retail and direct channels.

“It would seem though that the window-lovers who are firm fans of their view slightly outnumber the aisle-hoppers who like to get out of their seats easily.”

The research also revealed an interesting penchant amongst passengers for a seat on the right-hand side of an aircraft, with 54 per cent of economy class passengers choosing the right over the left.

“There are lots of theories why people favour the right hand side: there are more right handed people, we automatically tend to turn right, but the truth is we don’t know for sure,” added Ms Dunham.

“Most people like the idea of turning left when they get on a plane, but it looks like the majority favour the right hand side when it comes to choosing their seat,” she added.


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