#PassengerShaming: Passengers who went too far while flying

Nowadays flying around the world is an everyday thing and is even part of people’s daily routines. Whether it is flying across the globe to ventures new or making a domestic flight from one city to another, the amount of flights and passengers is ever increasing. Flying is more convenient and the fastest way of travelling which suits passengers’ needs.

But what happens when we become too comfortable while flying? To many it is the norm now, so it may or may not excuse passengers from getting a little too in their comfort zone. We should all remember we have certain “airtiquette” to keep to while travelling and not to get carried away.

Not these passengers! Let’s take a look at 19 passengers who went too far while flying.

1. Whilst he’s asleep I’ll rest my feet…

2. When Jake is about to transform into a werewolf on Twilight.

3. When you’ve been told off and sent to the corner for being naughty…

4. Modern art on a plane perhaps?

5. Feeling guilty for too much partying on holiday…

6. When flights start to do time travel services and you go back to 1990 thinking you are Vanilla-Ice.

7. I did what?!

8. Realising, I’m on a ‘hairplane’.

9. Packing light!

10. I’ll have one coffee COFFEET to go please.

11. I told my mum I was taking some ‘Chile’ home for her.

12. The look on your face when you’ve realised you’ve over packed..

13. Words can’t even…

14. The moment you notice the plane is home growing potatoes from beneath.

15. Pulling that straight face pretending it isn’t bothering you…

16. Get a room, please.

17. Being near the rear end on a flight isn’t always as bad as it seems.

18. Teddy bears are so last year.

19. Like honestly, who is this guy?

All images from instagram.com/passengershaming

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