Designer Alpine getaways – 3 gorgeous hotels in Germany, Italy and Austria

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The mountains make both a great playground for hiking and biking and a spectacular backdrop to some well-earned R&R

The Alpine region is a great place to be at summer’s end. Still bathed in the warm glow of the pre-ski season sun, the mountains make both a great playground for hiking and biking and a spectacular backdrop to some well-earned R&R.

If you are going to revitalise your spirit with some of that crisp alpine air, you might as well do it is style. Take your pick from these magnificent design hotels with mountain addresses. can help you with the flights …

Hotel Bachmair Weissach
Hotel Bachmair Weissach. Photo by

Hotel Bachmair Weissach – Bavaria, Germany

The pristine Lake Tegernsee region lies at the foot of the Alps in South Germany. Perched on the Tegernsee Valley side is Hotel Bachmair Weissach, an elegant and modern place that mixes the charm of a quaint Bavarian home with the feel of a private country club.

It’s just 45 minutes south of Munich. Guests can try out a whole host of activities ranging from yoga to paragliding, or alternatively chill out with a spa treatment.

Vigilius Mountain Resort
Vigilius Mountain Resort. Photo by

Vigilius Mountain Resort – South Tyrol, Italy

Accessible only by cable car, this Matteo Thun designed resort is washed over by the kind of crisp and pure air that you only find 1,500 metres (5,000 feet) above sea level.

Aspects of Vigilius’ design are inspired by the concept of renewal; The Stadel-style restaurant is decked out in reclaimed 300-year old timber beams, while the grass-covered roof is an ecological solution to the energy-conservation issue.

The resort’s lifestyle continues the theme, as guests are given the opportunity to enhance their health, nutrition, movement and beauty through activities and hedonistic spa treatments.

The resort is a 20-minute drive from Bolzano, Italy (there are three flights per day with Air Alps via Rome to Bolzano) and it’s within driving distance of Milan, Venice, Munich, Zurich, Verona and Innsbruck.

Bergland Hotel
Bergland Hotel, Austria. Photo by

Bergland Hotel – Sölden, Austria

The spectacular landscapes surrounding the Bergland are a great place for adrenaline junkies to get a thrill fix. Spoilt for choice, they can go rock-climbing or white-water rafting in the steep canyons of the Ötztal, enjoy an adventurous day at the Area 47, the valley’s outdoor adventure park, or even train with a veteran of the Ötztal Bike Marathon at the hotel’s bike academy.

Owned by local deep-snow and synchronized skiing hero Sigi Grüner, the pursuit of adrenaline is hard-wired into the DNA of this place. Everything in the design is geared towards the active, from the pool to lift next to the main entrance that goes direct to the ski lifts.

The Bergland Hotel Sölden is located in the Ötztal Valley in Western Tyrol. It’s in the centre of Sölden, with easy access to the ski area and cable railway. Fly to Innsbruck and take a shuttle from there.

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