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Why not head to pastures new and sample the best of festival revelry, Asian style?

Festivals in the UK normally conjure up images of muddy fields, stages that are the size of small countries, and boho chic.

To inject a bit of the exotic into your festival season this June and July, why not head to pastures new and sample the best of festival revelry, Asian style?

Here is a round-up of festival breaks with a twist from On The Go Tours. Flights are not included in the prices given.

Dragon Boat Festival, China (£639, based on a twin share)

Discounted by 10%, this nine-day tour of the famous Dragon Boat Festival in the Far East departs on 26 June.

The event is celebrated in a number of locations across China and you can witness teams vying for the number one spot with brightly coloured boats, decorated with vibrant colours and dragon designs. This is all set against the pulsating backdrop of rhythmic drums.

Hemis Festival, India (£379, based on a twin share)

Departing on 28 June, this five-day tour takes in the full splendour of the Hemis Festival in the town of Leh, India.

Try to maintain your composure as you watch monastery lamas adorned with paper-mache masks and stunning brocades dancing to the sound of long horns, drums, and cymbals to mark the birthday of Guru Padamasambhava.

Naadam Festival, Mongolia (from £1179, based on a twin share)

This 13-day tour departing on 1July will take travellers from Moscow to Beijing on the captivating Trans-Siberian railway.

The tour will stop in Ulaan Baatar, just in time for the opening ceremony of the Mongolian Naadam Festival. The festival is centred around three games – wrestling, archery and horse riding – and is a visual delight for first-time visitors to Mongolia.

Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea (from £1,399 based on a twin share)

This seven-day tour departs on 21 July and takes in the cultural and historical sights of South Korea, as well as the infamous Boryeong Mud Festival.

Those holidaymakers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty can have a go at mud skiing and mud wrestling, and even unwind with a stint in a pool of mineral mud.

(Image: Charlie Fong)

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