Glasgow or Edinburgh: which Scottish city suits your personality?

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Glasgow or Edinburgh: which Scottish city suits your personality? 4

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Our recent compass report revealed that more and more Brits are seeking city breaks a bit closer to home. It’s understandable why. Along with recent events (don’t mention Brexit… don’t mention Brexit…) fuelling a staycation boom, us Brits also have the luxury of having a huge variety of places to visit within the four countries that make up our Kingdom.

Heading up north (or you know, south if you’re from Shetland or something) offers some great city break options, namely Scotland’s two biggest cities – Edinburgh and Glasgow. Despite being an hour apart, these two places could not be more different. Edinburgh, in all its tartan and castle-y glory tends to draw in tourists with its festivals and historical city centre, while Glasgow, with its big-city charm, good humour and vibrant arts scene makes for an equally satisfying city break.

But which city should you visit?  Take the quiz to see which should be next on your bucket list. And if you’re convinced, why not head over to where, as our name suggests, you can search for a bargain flight.

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