Gov minister: T5 passengers have experienced ‘unacceptably poor travel

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The minister for aviation, Jim Fitzpatrick, has described the travelling experience of passengers at Terminal 5 as “unacceptably poor”.

Speaking about the problems with luggage and cancelled flights that have occurred during the last few days, he told MPs that the public were not interested in who was to blame, “but rather in being properly treated when things go wrong”.

“While recognising the considerable challenges of opening a major new terminal, we agree it is extremely regrettable to say the least that passengers using T5 have had to suffer an unacceptably poor travel experience.”

Shadow transport secretary, Theresa Villiers, added that both BA and BAA had “let their customers down badly”, describing the problems as “a national embarrassment”.

There are thought to be an estimated 28,000 bags currently in temporary storage, an increase on the 15,000 claimed by British Airways at the weekend, added Mr Fitzpatrick.

A further 50 flights have been cancelled today (April 1).

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