Imagine if Channel 4 ran a hotel…

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These Channel 4 stars are going to take over real a hotel and run it for a week – for a new show called Hotel GB

… A stately hotel, a hotel that you could imagine looking something like this (by Hallenser). It would run like clockwork under the scrutiny of Mary Portas

Rooms would be kept immaculate by a team of housekeepers headed by Kim Woodburn.

Concierge Kirstie Allsopp would tirelessly and gracefully cater to your very whim.

Dr Christian Jessen would help you improve your health in the gym.

While a visit to Katie Piper’s spa would boost your self-esteem.

Upon arrival at the restaurant you’d be charmed by maitre d’ Phil Spencer.

There you’d delight in a three-course a la carte dinner courtesy of Gordon Ramsay.

And just before heading to bed, you’d enjoy a nightcap and wax-lyrical about your stay in the company of bar manager Gok Wan.

… Actually, you don’t have to imagine.

These Channel 4 stars are going to take over real a hotel and run it for a week – for a new show called Hotel GB.

Though it’s bound to be fun, the show has a serious side. It aims to raise money for charities that get the unemployed back into work. More than that, most of the staff at the hotel will be unemployed trainees looking for a break. If they do well, they could get full-time employment at the end of the week.

You don’t have to wait until early October when the show airs to see what happens. The programme makers are currently looking for people to be guests and to have functions there. To “check in” head over to the Take Part section of the Channel 4 website.

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