Lush, relaxing and intriguing lagoons

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Wide open coastal lagoons and the reefs surrounding can create white sandy beaches that are sheltered from the elements coming from sea…

The word lagoon can bring to mind images of deep blue water or a secret watery hideaway. In fact lagoons come in many varieties from great and large to small and beautifully idyllic. A lagoon is technically a body of water separated from the sea by a reef or barrier islands. The origin of the word lagoon does not come from a far away pacific paradise but from Venice, Laguna Veneta, A whole city built over time on a large lagoons barrier islands, controlled, drained to swamp and marsh over hundreds and hundreds of years to create the canal systems we love today.

Venice by Michela Simoncini

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Wide open coastal lagoons and the reefs surrounding can create white sandy beaches that are sheltered from the elements coming from sea. Gorgeous lake-like waters right by the sea air. Many have become very natural harbours for boats but of course some have become havens for tourists seeking paradise the world over.

Lagoon Beach Sardinia by Robin Corps
Bora Bora
Bora Bora by Jon Rawlinson

In the picture above are the gorgeous blue waters of the Bora Bora. An island surrounded by a reef system forming a lagoon also well known as an Atoll. Within the reef is what was once an ancient volcano. The island is made up from the summits of what once was. Many of you will have seen pictures of blue holes in the sea from many ancient volcanic areas now just a beautiful turquoise and blue quirk in the ocean. And thus an exclusive island paradise for some to escape to.

Rangiroa Atoll
Rangiroa Atoll by Daniel Julie
Rangiroa Atoll
Rangiroa Atoll by dany13

From the hot climate of the pacific and equatorial lagoon you could head North to stunning scenery of Iceland! A famous ‘must do’ there is the Blue Lagoon. A geothermally heated pool in the volcanic rocky landscape. Full of nutrients, constant temperature and a wonderful place to relax.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon Iceland by Paul Steele

A place for sunshine sandy paradise alone, a place for watery relaxation or a place for city breaks….. Where in the world would you like to explore a lagoon? 😀

Angaga Lagoon Island
Angaga Lagoon Island by Neville Wootton

Main Image: Lobos Lagoon by Luis Argerich

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