Travelling on a higher plane… The feng shui of an aircraft revealed

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Flying could help us reach new heights of emotional and material success, as well as 35,000 feet, after airline Jetstar Asia revealed the feng shui of an A320.

There are many things that we expect from a good flight; service with a smile, a semi-decent selection of onboard movies and just enough legroom to keep our circulation, em, circulating. (Featured image by Travis_Simon)

But now it appears that flying could help us reach the dizzying heights of emotional and material success, as well as an altitude of some 35,000 feet, after airline Jetstar Asia lifted the lid on the feng shui of an A320.

In a scene that wouldn’t look out of place in an Ang Lee film, the Singapore-based carrier drafted in feng shui master David Tong to cast his knowing eye over a fleet of 17 A320s in honour of the Chinese New Year.

After examining the energy flow of all the planes, Tong outlined where passengers should best park themselves to achieve happiness in certain areas of their lives.

Jetstar Asia
Jetstar Asia. Image by Kentaro IEMOTO@Tokyo

The campaign’s website,, allows you to type in your birth year to deliver details of your lucky destination, while your reason for travelling will generate your lucky seat numbers.

As an example, women looking for wealth should choose rows 1, 11 or 21, while men travelling for good health should sit in rows 9, 19 or 29. Those looking to boost their circle of friends should choose rows 3, 4, 13, 14, 23 or 24.

Tong also argues that flying between 5am and 7am will bring the most amount of luck to travellers.

A woman in her early 30s looking for a boost to her wealth, for example, should sit in seats 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25 or 28 and should travel to Jakarta, in Indonesia.

Jakarta. Image by yohanes budiyanto

Jetstar’s online feng shui generator gave this description of Indonesia’s capital:

“The fusion of rich Indonesian culture and former Dutch colonial rule has contributed to making Jakarta an endlessly fascinating place.

“From beautiful antique markets to vibrant food streets and historical sites, Jakarta is one of the fastest growing must see destinations of Southeast Asia.”

If nothing else, good feng shui will give travellers yet another perfect excuse to get their bags packed and head off on holiday in 2013. Need some inspiration? Check this out; it’s the recommendations of all the travel giants such as Lonely Planet and Fodor’s for where to go in 2013.

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