A new website has been launched to help travellers claim compensation after flight delays, cancellations and diversions. (Featured image by Kevin Prichard Photography)

Air passengers’ rights to compensation for delays and cancellations has been a hot topic in recent months, with airlines accused of overcomplicating the claims process and dragging their feet over payouts.

The system as a whole has been criticised for being unclear and ambiguous, allowing airlines to bend the rules in their favour.

Much of the confusion stems from the volcanic ash cloud of 2010, when millions of passengers were left stranded. Legal wrangling between passengers and airlines ensued, with airlines arguing that they should not be forced to compensate.



Some clarity is on its way thanks to changes to air passenger rights, which are due to be introduced in 2015.

This will require airlines to book passengers on rival carriers if their flight is delayed by three hours, and respond to complaints within two months.

Until then, passengers can use, a new website that helps to process compensation claims with airlines.

According to research, an estimated 1.7 million passengers didn’t claim compensation they were entitled to in 2012



“Many passengers are not aware of their rights, and those who are and try to file a claim face a complicated bureaucratic system impeding their claims”, said Eve Büchner, CEO of

In some cases passengers can claim up to €600 for cancelled flights, though the claims process can be very bureaucratic and drawn-out. charges 25 per cent commission, meaning it would be cheaper for passengers to go to airlines directly and keep all the compensation. But Ms Büchner says that the complicated legal procedure involved means it is not worth most people’s time.

“Passengers find themselves in a David and Goliath situation, but thanks to our network of legal experts specialised in passenger rights, we can help our customers swiftly and successfully process their claims and receive the compensation they are rightly entitled to, without the headache of doing any of the procedures themselves,” she said.

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