What can you buy with your free £3 around the world?

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But what will you buy with your FREE £3?

We decided to travel the world and see how much food we could get for £3, here are the results…

London, UK

English breakfast tea and if you’re lucky a flapjack.

Essential Fashion Week fuel. Regram from @thefrugality #LFW #LondonFashionWeek #pret #pretamanger #coffee

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Berlin, Germany

Currywurst and some good old German beer. Yes, Berlin is famously cheap for Western Europe.

C'est n'importe quoi ce plat #Berlin #curry #currywurst #pommes #beer #food #foodporn #ketchup #saucisse

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Gothenburg, Sweden

Delicious Swedish kanelbullar- a cinnamon bun.

Southern Spain 

A glass of a local wine accompanied with small tapas dishes such as tortilla or croquettes.

Palermo, Sicily

Arancini – a rice ball, espresso and gelato.


Cypriot pita bread filled with sheftalia (a Cypriot type sausage), souvlaki (grilled meat), tomato and onion salad topped with yoghurt.

Le kebab chypriote > tout les autres. #kebab #chypre #fastandfood #cyprusfood

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Everywhere in Armenia

Armenia’s answer to pizza, a lahmajoun- pitta bread topped with minced meat- and you’ll still have some change for a refreshing glass of rose lemonade.


A three-course meal, quite literally. Start off with delicious som tum- papaya salad, savour on aromatic tom yum soup, try the national dish pad thai and finish off with freshly prepared fruit salad or fruit smoothie.

Everywhere in India

You can have all of this: samosas, pakoras, sweet lassi, plate of steamed momos, fresh fruit, a thali (dish consisting of a vegetable dish, dhal, rice, roti and more) half of chicken tandoori, butter naan, dish of matter paneer (peas and cheese curry) and a cup of chai from a chai vendor.


A bowl of pho soup and a filling Vietnamese baguette, you’ll still have some change for some exotic fruit.

Pho Quynh has a solid menu! I indulged.. #Saigon #HoChiMinhCity #Vietnam #pho #phoquynh

A photo posted by J. R. Garry (@revolutionarystew) on

Melbourne, Australia

Soy Chai Latte.

Oh look, it's chai latte o'clock!! ??☕️☕️ #hashspecialtycoffee #hashspecialtychai #chailatte

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Mexico City, Mexico

3 tacos and a bottle of Corona.

#tacotuesday going down right now #sanjoseca #tacos

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New York, USA

Slice of pizza and a can of Coca-Cola.

Pajama pizza party while it snows outside ❄️? #newyorkpizza

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