Where you need to visit to get started on your Bucket List

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We’ve all got more than a few things on our ‘bucket list’, and we’ve found the best places to visit to start ticking those ambitions off. So, what are you waiting for?

We’ve all got more than a few things on our “bucket list” of activities and experiences that we want to try before we die. (Featured image is by brittreints)

A new survey has revealed the 50 most common points on bucket lists all over the world, with priorities ranging from the unsurprising (swimming with dolphins) to the rather unachievable (owning an island).

The top 50 list was compiled by outdoor clothing brand Helly Hansen, which found that most of us will only achieve five of our life ambitions.

“It is fantastic to see that so many people still have a passion for taking to the outdoors in order to experience new challenges,” a spokesman told The Daily Express.

“But it is a real shame to see that some may not achieve lifelong ambitions because of a lack of faith in their own ability.”

Topping the list of lifelong ambitions is ‘become a millionaire’, so we’re not really surprised that lots of people aren’t necessarily fulfilling all of their ambitions.

But there are plenty of achievable goals on the list, and we’ve found the best places to visit to start ticking those ambitions off. So, what are you waiting for?

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China. Image by marktollerman

Trek the Great Wall of China

Ranking fourth on the list is the idea of trekking the Great Wall of China, a challenge that is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Stretching across 6,000km, the Great Wall zigzags its way over hills and mountains throughout the Chinese countryside.

Plenty of charities and holiday companies arrange treks along the wall, but if you don’t think you’re up to an entire expedition then there are plenty of cheap day trips you can take from Beijing to get a feel for the size and scope of this amazing structure.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu. Image by karlnorling

Visit the Inca Trail

Following closely behind a trek on the Great Wall is another challenging walk, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.

A “must-see” on any visit to South America, the 15th Century Inca site of Machu Picchu is a stunning example of the Inca civilisation’s architecture and culture.

There are a number of Inca trails which take you up to Machu Picchu, though treks must be booked in advance with tour companies in nearby Cuzco.

New Zealand
New Zealand. Image by apollorv

New Zealand in a motor-home

New Zealand has seen a surge in popularity recently, thanks to its epic scenery and a certain Hobbit-based film.

Ranking 29th on the bucket list is the idea of travelling around this rugged country in a motor-home, taking in everything it has to offer.

Motor-homes can be purchased or rented in places like Auckland and Christchurch, and it’s easy to sell them on once you’ve taken in as much of this real-life Middle Earth as you possibly can.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas. Image by wuestenigel

Gamble in Las Vegas

Trying your luck on the slot machines and roulette wheels of Sin City is a dream for a lot of people, and ranked 33rd on the list.

Flights to Las Vegas are always going to be fairly expensive, but the pound’s current strength against the dollar makes this the ideal time to head Stateside.

Surfing in Cornwall
Surfing in Cornwall. Image by 5lab

Learn to surf

There’s nothing cooler than riding a wave as it crashes on to a beach in a gloriously sunny part of the world, so it’s little wonder learning to surf made it into the top 50.

While Surfers Paradise in Australia would be the ideal place to learn how to ride a wave, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives closer to home.

Places like Newquay, in Cornwall, and some parts of Devon offer some excellent surfing beaches and are a great place for beginners to learn the basics. Lahinch, in County Clare, Ireland is also a noted surfing town. Have you seen these posts? The world’s best beginner surfing spots and 5 remote surfing spots around the world.

Top 50 ambitions – survey commissioned by Helly Hansen

1. Become a millionaire
2. Travel the world
3. See the Northern Lights
4. Trekking the Great Wall of China
5. Be mortgage free
6. Go to the Inca Trail
7. See all seven wonders of the world
8. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
9. Invest something that changes people’s lives
10. Visit Antarctica
11. Go to the orient express
12. Go on an African Safari
13. See the Taj Mahal
14. Learn to play the piano / guitar / drums
15. Staying a night at the world’s best hotel
16. Build your own house
17. Drive the route 66 in the US
18. Go to Lapland
19. Swimming with dolphins / sharks
20. Emigrate
21. Learn to speak another language
22. Own an island
23. Dine at a Michelin Starred restaurant
24. Write a novel
25. See Gorillas in the wild
26. Live and work abroad
27. Hot air balloon ride
28. Fly a plane
29. Travel round New Zealand in a Winnebago
30. Start up your dream business and run it
31. Go on a Segway
32. Go to Disneyworld
33. Go to Vegas and gamble
34. Act as an extra in a Hollywood film
35. Dedicate time to volunteering / raising money for charitable causes
36. Try out an F1 car
37. Learn to fly a plane or helicopter
38. Have a family
39. Be an extra in a move
40. Climb a mountain like Everest
41. Buy a yacht
42. Meet your idol / favourite celebrity
43. Run a marathon
44. Watch a World Cup final
45. Meet the Queen
46. Learn to surf
47. Go to harry Potter World in Florida
48. Abseil down a mountain
49. Do an army assault course
50. Deep sea dive

Read the press release on www.adpr.co.uk

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