While holidays are supposed to be the perfect opportunity to put the worries of the world behind us, recent research has shown that the detail involved in planning a holiday can send our stress levels soaring – even for younger travellers.

A study commissioned by travel comparison site showed that far from living up to their carefree image, nearly half (47 per cent) of younger travellers admitted to feeling stressed out by their travel plans.

For 29 per cent coming to an agreement with friends as to the perfect location for their holiday proved to be a stumbling block, while 51 per cent were concerned that the resort wouldn’t live up their expectations.

The research showed that almost half (47 per cent) of travellers surveyed find the entire holiday process stressful, while more than a quarter (27 per cent) find that the lead-up to a holiday, including planning, preparation and booking flights, leaves them feeling exasperated.



Among the key causes of concern when it came to putting together the perfect getaway were finding a location that falls within budget (36 per cent) and packing enough underwear (17 per cent of women).

Further figures revealed by the research showed that 18-25 year-old women living in the capital are most likely to be flustered by preparations for a holiday.

Older men (aged 66 and over) from the East of England, on the other hand, were the most likely to be completely unfazed by the process of putting together all the different elements of their holiday.

“The amount of things that people stress about when preparing for a holiday is incredible,” said Annie Wilson, UK MD of

“The anticipation of a break should be exciting and positive as you look forward to relaxing and recharging the batteries,” she added.

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