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So what is Cheapflights? Why are you different to everyone else? And why won't you take my money?

Cheapflights is a flight deals publisher, part of Momondo Group Limited. Well, if we were in a bragging mood, we'd tell you we are the country's leading flight deals publisher (and give you the stats to back it up*). But, we're a nice bunch of people and we don't want to brag, we just want to help you find the best and cheapest flight we possibly can.

We're not travel agents and we don't take your money (that's right, put it back in your wallet). You could argue that we're so original we don't actually have a fixed industry sector yet. Take your pick from deals publisher, price comparison site, travel search engine or flights aggregator. But whatever you want to call us, and believe us, we discuss it enough in the office, we provide the same function.

If you want to book a flight - we're your first port of call. Think of us a bit like a dating agency - but without the risk of turning up to dinner with a complete dud. You tell us where you want to go, we match you up with the best people to fly there. Because we don't sell our own tickets, we aim to give you the best deals available no matter where we find them. So if you want to fly to Beijing, just type Beijing into our search box with your departure airport or region. We provide you with a great big list of all the companies who can sell you a ticket for that route. We list deals from everyone who offers airfares - be that the big airlines like BA, the low-costers like Monarch, traditional travel agents like Thomas Cook, online travel agents like Opodo, or even very small specialist, telephone only agents that you can't find anywhere else. Just click on a deal that takes your fancy, and book your date, sorry, flight. Oh and by the way, all our advertisers are bonded by ABTA or by TTA, and we only publish fares that are inclusive of taxes and fees.

As well as the nitty gritty booking details, we try to provide you with all the background knowledge you need to make the most informed decision about who to fly with - so you've got the cheapest and the best value flight. Our airline information pages tell you what you'll get on-board with all the main carriers. Or check out our travel tips, newsletter, flights guides or Cheapflights Travel Blog - dedicated to inspirational travel writing, news and deals.

But why should I trust you?

Cheapflights is the guru of the online travel world. In 1996, eminent travel journalist John Hatt became frustrated with the limited choices available for booking flights through traditional media."What the heck," he thought, before throwing his own hat into the ring. He started Cheapflights in his London attic, with the aim of utilising the internet to provide consumers with online info that previously would have taken weeks and weeks to find. The clue is in the name really - he wanted to bring cheap flights to everyone. So with 16 years of experience behind us, we know what we're doing. Not that we want to rest on our laurels - we're constantly working on ways to improve our site and bring in new products that we think could be useful. Got any good ideas? Let us know about them and we'll see what we can do.

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We are regularly nominated for awards such as the National Business Awards, British Travel Awards and Media Momentum as well as making the Hitwise Top 10. To see some of the awards we currently hold, take a look at our Milestones pages.