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Although flanked by some of Asia's most astonishing landscapes and an unwavering generosity, few people know of Pakistan's internal beauty. Yet travellers booking flights to Pakistan will be pleasantly surprised to find a country rich in culture, history and hospitality awaiting their arrival.

With Hinduism and Buddhism firmly planted in Pakistan, the pleasures of Pakistan are evident and ancient. Immediately upon leaving the Pakistan flight, tourists come across Buddhist shrines, Hindu temples, Islamic palaces and Muslim mansions. While Pakistan is a hospitable destination, it’s wise for tourists to know the basic Pakistani laws. For example, dress codes are strictly enforced in the country. Long and loose clothing is common and any tourist visiting mosques or temples must be completely covered before entering.

While it’s possible to find cheap flights to Pakistan and plan budget-conscious tours though the country, tourists are advised to pay special attention to travel warnings. Pakistani people are involved in various political demonstrations currently sweeping through the region. Recent violence in Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar has resulted in chaos, and travellers are advised to stay with group tours and not travel off by themselves.

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