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When is the best time to visit Marrakech?

Marrakech is, in many ways, a year-round destination. Marrakech’s buzzing atmosphere and cultural grandeur can be experienced at almost any time of year, but we find that the best trips are often dictated by the weather. Arriving into perfect, not-too-hot sunshine can really make a difference to your enjoyment of the city.

In the spring and autumn, Marrakech’s temperatures are warm in the day and cool in the evening: the perfect combination for city exploration. This makes it our favourite time of year to visit, but we’re not the only ones: it’s popular with other tourists over these periods, too. This adds to the lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere in the souks – but if you’re looking to avoid the tourists, this won’t be your idea of ‘best’.

If you want to avoid the crowds, the calmer winter streets make a refreshing change. Even in the colder months - November to March - the daytime temperature stays around the 21°C mark. However, it does dip considerably after dark. Despite the chilly nights, Marrakech still qualifies as a warm city destination, even in the winter.

Contrastingly, summer days can regularly reach highs of almost 40°C. Some find the summer months too hot to explore the city properly – but if it’s a sunny glow you’re after, summer is your time.

It’s also worth considering that many shops and restaurants close in August and during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Tourists are still welcomed, but eating in public over Ramadan is viewed as offensive – avoid doing this at all costs. The dates of Ramadan change on Western calendars from year to year, so do check before you leave.

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When is the cheapest time of year to fly to Marrakech?

The cheapest time to fly between the UK and Marrakech is during the winter months. November to March frequently has flights for near rock bottom prices and the cost of accommodation in the city is lower then, too – but do remember our advice about winter nights being cooler. Despite the cold, budget travellers shouldn’t necessarily rule out a winter break to Marrakech – just pack some extra pyjamas and you’re set.

Flight prices rise outside of the winter months, as most other times of year are popular with tourists. This applies equally to accommodation, but it may be worth the extra investment if you want to make the very most of your trip. Alternatively, budget options are available year round.

Are there any direct flights from the UK to Marrakech?

Plenty. Marrakech remains a popular destination for British tourists and travellers, due to its exciting atmosphere, distinctive culture and short-haul journey times. As a result, numerous airlines offer great deals on direct flights.

You can fly directly to Marrakech from a number of major UK airports. Choose from:

  • Birmingham (BHK)                              •   Bristol (BRS)          
  • Manchester (MAN)                             •   London Gatwick (LGW)
  • London Heathrow (LHR)                     •   London Luton (LTN)                                   
  • London Stansted (STN)

See our Flight Finder to search and book, or read on to see which airlines offer direct flights.

Which airlines fly to Marrakech?

If you’re leaving from the UK, your first port of call should be one of the following - all of which offer direct flights from various UK airports to Marrakech’s Menara Airport:

  • Thomson Airways                                 •   British Airways
  • EasyJet                                                  •   Ryanair
  • Royal Air Maroc

If you’re planning to arrive via another destination, a number of airlines offer indirect journeys to the city. In this case, try:

  • KLM                                                    •   Iberia
  • Vueling Airlines                                  •   Luxair
  • Swiss Airlines                                     •   TAP Portugal
  • Germanwings                                     •   Brussels Airlines

If you can’t find a flight you like, consider travelling to a different airport near to Marrakech: there are a number of alternatives in Morocco you could directly fly to, before travelling domestically to Marrakech. Travelling through Morocco is simple and easy via car – and allows an alternative, more adventurous look at the country as a whole – or alternatively, flights between major cities and centres are regular and affordable. Other major Moroccan airports include:

  • Rabat – the capital city. 185 miles (297km)
  • Casablanca – the largest and most cosmopolitan centre. 124 miles (200km)
  • Agadir – popular coastal city. 119 miles (193km)

Are there any low cost airlines that fly to Marrakech?

Yes – while many flights to Marrakech are very affordable anyway, specifically budget airlines which fly on this route include:

  • Easyjet                                                 •   Ryanair

As always, we recommend shopping around for the best deals. The cheapest options on this route can often be from airlines not specifically marketed as ‘low cost.’ Royal Air Maroc has great choices; use our Flight Finder to find the cheapest deal for your dates.

What’s the best airline to fly to Marrakech from the UK?

Personal preference will have a large sway on this – but if you’re looking for comfort and customer service, Thomson and British Airways tend to be the leaders on this route, with the chance to upgrade with BA as an added bonus. British Airways’ Business Class offers access to executive lounges, dedicated check-in areas, complimentary bar service and up to 34” of legroom – it can’t be beaten on style, either.

Whilst Royal Air Maroc often offers great prices, it’s also a very service-driven airline, making this a great option for the value-conscious.

And even if you’re choosing to go ‘budget’ this time – flying with any of the airlines rumoured to prioritise cost efficiency over comfort and frills – the speedy flight time means that you don’t have to endure minimal facilities for long before you’ve arrived at your destination.

How long is the flight from the UK to Marrakech?

Marrakech has a rich, exotic atmosphere, and feels a million miles from the UK – the ultimate escape! Despite this, the journey from London is a mere 3 ½ hours. At only 1430 miles (2301.4km) away, you can get to Marrakech faster than you can get to many European destinations.

Add an extra 15 minutes to the expected journey time if your flight to Marrakech is leaving from Manchester – these trips take an average of 3 ¾ hours from runway to runway.

It’s also worth noting that border controls may take slightly longer than many other short-haul flights, since Morocco is outside of the EU.

How much is a flight from the UK to Marrakech?

From any London airport, a peak-season, non-advance return flight can be bought for between £100 and £200.

Flights from Manchester begin at around £200, without an advanced booking and whilst in peak season.

The best deals for your dates can be found using our Flight Finder – click here to search for flights.

How far is the airport from the city centre?

Marrakech Menara airport itself is only 4 miles (6km) away from the city centre, and without traffic or bus stops, the journey should take around 12 minutes via car. Marrakech streets can get quite busy, however: budget some extra time to get around, particularly if you’re on a tight schedule.

What’s the best way to reach Marrakech city centre from the airport?

A number of guesthouses within the city offer door-to-door transfers, which can often be a cheap, convenient way of getting directly to your accommodation. Of course, price, quality and reliability vary from provider to provider; check with your guesthouse upon booking. If provided, this can be a hassle-free way to get your break off to a great start.

If this is unavailable, don’t fear - taxis are readily available from just outside the arrivals hall, on the left at Parking Lot 1.

Be prepared to see Morocco’s haggling culture in action here – for those unused to it, haggling can be stressful, but there’s really nothing to worry about. To limit any problems, we recommend agreeing on a price before you set off (a necessity) and acting as though you have other options available when negotiating – even if you don’t. There are plenty more cabs in the city - don’t feel pressured to go with a driver you don’t trust.

Choose a ‘petit’ taxi over a grand one if you’re looking to save money, and remember that daytime journeys will be around a third cheaper than night-time ones (Dh 80 as opposed to Dh 120, or £5.80 and £8.70 respectively).

Alternatively, a shuttle bus runs between the city and airport hourly between 6am and midnight. Number 19 runs on this route. The last shuttle to the airport leaves at 11.40pm, and the last shuttle to the city leaves at 12.25am.

Buses cost Dh 30 (around £2.20) for a single trip, or Dh 50 (£3.60) for a return – providing your return journey is within two weeks.

Where can I get even more information on travel to Marrakech?

See our airport guide for more information about airport facilities and travel to and from the airport.

And click here for information on travel to and in Marrakech.

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Interesting information about Marrakech

Photo of Marrakech   Marrakech
Temp on Avg for this month inMarrakech36.6 °CSource: World Weather Online
Avg rainfall for this month inMarrakech3.1 mmSource: World Weather Online
Average flight duration toMarrakech3 hrs 52 mins
Foreign-exchange rate inMarrakechد.م.1.00 = £0.07Source: Oanda
Which airlines fly toMarrakechBritish Airways, Air France and Swiss
Available deals toMarrakech355
Partners with offers toMarrakechDream World Travel, Flight Centre and Dial A Flight
Advertisers with offers toMarrakech13
Cheapest flights offer toMarrakech£87
Avg flight offer toMarrakech£225

 How much do things cost in Marrakech?

  • Large bottle of water: £0.44
  • 3 course meal for 2: £35.72
  • Cinema ticket: £2.86
  • Pair of Nike trainers: £50.01
  • Loaf of white bread: £0.43
  • Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre): £1.28
  • Cheap meal: £2.14
  • Taxi - fixed fee: £0.36
  • 1 mile taxi journey: £0.52
  • Small bottle of water (0.33 litre): £0.32
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