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South America embodies a soul that’s found nowhere else in the world. And each country has its own traditions and cultures; from the highly extrovert Brazilian samba to the deeply sacred pilgrimage site of Las Lajas in Colombia.

The two largest countries in the continent, Brazil and Argentina, are perhaps the most diverse. And most travellers booking flights to South America choose to combine a trip to both countries. Brazil is a blend of diverse cultures: Portuguese, native Indian, African, European, Middle Eastern and Asian all living in this wild and exciting land. While in Argentina its European influences dominate its art, architecture, literature and lifestyle. But what both countries do have in common is the Iguazú Falls, the spectacular 275 cascading waterfalls which are taller than Niagara Falls and possibly one of the most unforgettable sights in the world.    

North of Argentina is Bolivia, a country nestled between the Andes and the Amazon rainforests. Because of its isolation the country has retained the ancient traditions of its ancestors, making it a fascinating and mysterious place to visit. Bolivia’s neighbour, Peru, is just as captivating; its history dates back to the Inca Empire with Machu Picchu, its most illustrious symbol. The countries in the northern end of South America including Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela might not be as renowned for their ancient wonders as the other countries but what they do have is a natural beauty - spectacular landscapes, tropical rainforests, and pristine beaches – that makes them inimitable.

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