First-Class flights and 50 Shades by the pool… the perfect holiday revealed

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If recent research is anything to go by, an 11-day break with temperatures of 24 degrees make the ideal holiday.

What elements make up your ideal holiday? Is it a relaxing beach break, a weekend in the city or an action-packed mountain break? (Featured image by asunners)

If recent research is anything to go by, it is most definitely the first option. According to tour operator Colletts Travel, an 11-day break with temperatures of 24 degrees make the ideal holiday.

In a case of rather wishful thinking, the survey of 2,000 Brits found that the ideal holiday kicks off with a five-hour, First-Class flight.

This is followed by a 20-mile private transfer to some beach-side accommodation, complete with its own private pool.

First class travel
First Class travel. Image by British Airways

“The perfect holiday has a few must-have elements – guaranteed sunshine and peace and quiet seem high on the list,” said Roy Collett, founder of Colletts Travel.

“When we are used to such cold and miserable weather here it is understandable how we long for sun and a bit of luxury. We work very long hours so rest and relaxation combined with a touch of sight-seeing and shopping is the perfect way to spend a holiday.”

When we’ve dropped our bags and settled into our perfect accommodation, it seems that Brits love nothing more than spending six of their 11 days chilling by the pool or soaking up the sun on the beach.

What is the literature of choice for poolside chill-outs? 50 Shades of Grey of course! The raunchy novel ranked seventh on the list of elements that make up the perfect break.

Holiday read... 50 Shades of Grey
Holiday read… 50 Shades of Grey. Image by Shockingly Tasty

Unfortunately for most of us, this perfect holiday will set you back around £2,500 per head – which is probably out of most people’s price range.

Yet Collett says that some elements of the perfect break, such as room upgrades or private transfers, can be cheaper than you might think.

“Depending on what country you are visiting, things like room upgrades, spa services and private transfers can be relatively affordable,” he said.

“Travelling further afield has become easier in recent years and visiting destinations like South America, Costa Rica, Cambodia and Vietnam are becoming much more popular with Brits.”

Author: Alex Francis (117 posts)

Blogger and travel writer, I like my holidays either really cold or really hot. If I'm not flying down an icy mountain or relaxing on a scorching-hot beach, I'm not interested!