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Antwerp’s four seasons are not particularly extreme. On average, winter (December to February) temperatures rarely dip below freezing, and summer highs are comfortably warm at 20 degrees. Summer (June to August) is the most popular time for booking flights to Antwerp, but it is also the rainiest season. The sunnier and drier seasons tend to be autumn (September to November) or spring (March to May), so consider booking flights around this time.

With a packed cultural calendar, countless museums and art galleries, and endless opportunities to shop the innovative boutiques, there’s no wrong time to book a cheap flight to Antwerp for an inspiring, enthralling visit. 

Peak Season:

With pleasant weather and a slew of sensational events scheduled, summer is the busiest season for booking flights to Antwerp. The Antwerp Summer Festival draws thousands of visitors annually for its various productions, outdoor movies, art installations and dance and music spectaculars. Many of the events take place in exciting and unusual venues throughout the city proving entertainment for visitors and locals of all ages.

Off-Peak Season:

Cheap flights to Antwerp are plentiful in late fall and early spring. There are no festivals scheduled for the transitional seasons in Antwerp, so consider a daytrip to Brussels in October for the Brussels Flower Show or to Bruges in April for the Bruges Chocolate festival if you’re in the mood for a celebration. Cheap flights to Antwerp are usually much easier to find after the winter holidays, when tourists tend to shy away from the colder weather.

Why fly

Antwerp is a city that celebrates art in each aspect of everyday life; with trendsetting window displays in local boutiques, replicas of Rubens statues proudly displayed in shops throughout the city and stunning examples of art nouveaux architecture lining the streets, Antwerp is a city of that is aesthetically pleasing.

As the capital of the Belgian province of Flanders, Antwerp is the driving economic force of the region as a thriving port city and also functions as the international authority on the diamond trade. If you’re feeling the need to satisfy your artistic urges by basking in the creative genius of designers, artists and jewellers look no further – a flight to Antwerp will bring you to a bustling city that runs on creativity.

Getting around Antwerp

How to get from the airport to the city?

Antwerp International Airport (ANR) is located within the city limits. There is an express bus operating between the airport and the city. Other public transport options include buses and trains. Car rental and taxis are also available.

Antwerp insider information

If you feel like splurging on something extravagant with the money you saved on your cheap flight to Antwerp, consider bringing home a diamond of your very own as a souvenir. Antwerp has a glittering reputation as the diamond capital of the world and is home to over 1,500 diamond companies. For history buffs interested in Antwerp’s sparkling history in the diamond trade, a few museums have set up shop in town to chronicle the city’s role in the distribution of cut diamonds: Check out the Diamantmuseum near Centraal Station, or go watch diamonds being cut and set at Diamondland, a prominent showroom down the street.

The most famous resident of Antwerp, Peter Paul Rubens, is celebrated in museums and markets throughout the city. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts showcases many of the voluptuous figures sculpted by the Flemish artist. Every August the Rubens Market honours his birthday.

Don’t forget your copy of Vogue before boarding flights to Antwerp – the city is one of the most inspirational fashion capitals of Europe. One of Europe’s most important design academies, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, counts Vincent Van Gogh as one of its prestigious alumni, but the Antwerp Academy is well known today for its role in the fashion industry. The “Antwerp Six”, a group of designers hailing from the academy as well, revolutionised European fashion in the 1980s. Be sure to check out the MoMu, or Mode Museum – the exhibits change every six months and reflect the inspirational, fresh trends emanating from the runways of the fashion world.

If the kids don’t have a passion for fashion, don’t worry: Antwerp offers up several kid-friendly attractions that’ll keep them entertained throughout your trip. If you booked a flight to Antwerp for a break over the winter holidays, head over to the Grote Markt for Antwerp’s annual Christmas Market. Make sure to see the Antwerp Zoo. The gorgeous lion and tiger mosaics that greet visitors at the entrance reflect Belgium’s colonial past, and the creatures residing inside range from penguins to elephants.

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3 course meal for 2
£ 64.14
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Bottle of beer (imported beer)
£ 2
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£ 3
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£ 1
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£ 3

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