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When is the best time to fly to Gran Canaria?

Peak season:

The peak season lasts almost the entire year thanks to being kissed by the sun almost every day. In the peak of Summer you’ll find temperatures reach the mid 30’s so June to August might not be the wisest time to book your flight tickets if you can’t handle overbearing heat. You’ll also struggle to find cheap flights to Gran Canaria in the peak of Summer too as many tourists flock to the island. Spring time is a great time to secure cheap flights to Gran Canaria without having to fight for beach space, as is Autumn. The weather is still very warm and pleasant although you’ll find the evenings are a little chilly.

Off season:

Due to the weather always being warm and sunny there isn’t much of an off season however you’ll find the cheapest flights to Gran Canaria around January and February. Temperatures can still be warm although nowhere near the intensity of the rest of the year. There is a week somewhere around October or November of very heavy rain that lasts for the best part of all day. Avoid these months if you don’t want to risk being stuck inside due to the weather.

When is the best time to book a flight to Gran Canaria?

The cheapest flights to Gran Canaria will be found in the early months of the year however the weather is still warm enough to escape from the harsh Winter the UK will be experiencing. If you book your flight tickets in advance you’ll be able to find cheap flights to Gran Canaria around Spring and Autumn time with the bonus of less tourists crowding the streets and beaches. If you can be flexible with your dates then you’ll find the best priced flight tickets although you’ll struggle to find cheap flights to Gran Canaria throughout the Summer holidays. Sitting either side of the plane will give you fantastic views of the island as you approach.

How long is the flight to Gran Canaria?

Flights from London to Gran Canaria: 4 hours 30 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Gran Canaria: 4 hours 45 minutes

Flights from Birmingham to Gran Canaria: 4 hours 20 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Gran Canaria: 7 hours 55 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Gran Canaria?

British Airways, Iberia and Ryanair all provide cheap flights to Gran Canaria depending on the time of year you book. British Airways offer the added bonus of complimentary food and drink with their flights to Gran Canaria however they are slightly more expensive than Ryanair for purchasing flight tickets. Ryanair do provide possibly the cheapest flights to Gran Canaria however they do tend to overcharge for checked in baggage during peak times of the year so keep an eye out for this as it can really increase the price of once cheap flight tickets.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

There are bus services available to help you get to the city from the airport however unless you know exactly where you need to go you might find them a little hard to navigate. Taxis are the common form of transport from the airport and they aren’t overly expensive, although if you can split the fare with a friend or two then it’ll be much more worthwhile. Once you’ve booked your flights to Gran Canaria it’s worth researching which hotels provide free shuttles to and from the airport as this will save you both time and money once you land.

Gran Canaria insider information

  • Gran Canaria offers the perfect destination for half-term holidays, with sunny weather almost all-year round, it’s no wonder so many tourists flock to this island every year.
  • Check out this airport guide for Las Palmas airport once you’ve booked your flights to Gran Canaria to have a smoother travel experience.

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How much do things cost in Gran Canaria?

Las Palmas
Meal at McDonald's or similar
£ 6.18
Small bottle of water (0.33 litre)
£ 0.65
Bottle of wine
£ 4.42
3 bedroom flat outside of centre
£ 549.03

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