10 taste experiences every foodie must try in Paris

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Paris is a foodie’s dream. From sweet to savoury, wine to cheese, this literary capital city harbours a range of sensational, not-to-be-missed taste experiences. Tempt or test tastebuds with these 10 dishes that every food-lover must try before leaving Paris. Bon appétit!

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1. Crêpes

Ham cheese egg crepe. #savorycrepe #crepesinparis #crepeporn

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Originally from Brittany, crêpes are everywhere in Paris. From fancy restaurants to street side kiosks, these thin morsels of goodness can vary anywhere from €2 to well over €10. Sweet favourites include a filling of Nutella or sugar, or opt for a savoury alternative and order ham, cheese and egg. Mmmm! For a no-fail crêpe experience, try La Creperie de Josselin in Montparnasse.

2. Baked camembert

Imagine sitting down for lunch and being served a round of just-out-of-the-oven camembert topped with honey and nuts, complete with a side of baguette. This gooey taste sensation is deliciously warming on a cold winter’s day. Not convinced? Head to Le Petit Pontoise give the entrée size a test run.

3. Croissant

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The butter-scented, fluffy croissant is one of France’s most famous exports. Still, they never taste quite as good as when they are made and eaten in Paris. Ask any Parisian and they’ll tell you that their boulangerie makes the best croissant (such is the loyalty to bakeries in the city of light). But if you want to impress your inner croissant connoisseur don’t miss Du Pain et des Idées near Canal Saint-Martin and La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac. After all, a croissant a day keeps the doctor away.    

4. Confit de canard

Duck confit that was juicy & tender. The meat just came off from the bones so easily #duckconfit #chezdumonet #paris A photo posted by annabelle wong (@annabelle_wongms) on

Simply put Confit de canard (otherwise known as confit duck) is a preserved duck leg that has been cooked in its own fat. When executed correctly this quintessentially French dish should be a perfect combination of the crispiness from the skin and the tender, moist meat hidden underneath. A hit or miss amongst Paris brasseries, if you want to taste this traditional meal cooked right then head to Page 35 in Le Marais or Chez Dumonet in Saint Germain.

5. Jambon-beurre

Vive la France #jambonbeurre

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A French icon on the food scene, the jambon-beurre aka the ham and butter baguette is a lunchtime staple in Paris. Available at almost every boulangerie (bakery) and street stall, this infamous sandwich is tasty simplicity at its best.

6. Macarons

Light and airy, an authentic macaron is a pretty blend of crunch and silkiness. Without any noteable competition, the best place to taste one (or a few) is the renowned Ladurée. Dine in or a take a macaron set home as a gift. If there is a line, don’t give up. They’re worth the wait!

7. Steak tartare

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Not for the faint-hearted or the weak stomachs, steak tartare is a well-loved raw meat dish complemented by a unique seasoning and often, a generous portion of frites. Love it or hate it, testing your limits with this fresh plate of protein will be a travel memory you won’t forget. For the best of the best without the high price tag, book a table at Cafe des Musées

8. Freshly roasted chestnuts

You’ll smell them long before you can see them. Found just outside most inner-city Metros, street sellers roast chestnuts around the clock and then sell full-to-the-brim cornets to passers by. Although not a traditional French fare, it is a must-try when in Paris.

9. Crème brûlée

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It may be easier to eat than pronounce, but crème brûlée is one authentic French dish that needs no introduction. Head to L’Avant Comptoir and indulge in cracking the crisped caramel top with your spoon before plunging into the rich custard it hides.

10. Cheese

France is renowned for its high quality cheeses, so it’s no surprise that the streets of Paris are dotted with an endless amount of fromageries. Sample artisanal cheeses and long-standing classics alongside a glass of carefully matched wine at La Vache dans les Vignes. Life in the City of Light doesn’t get much better than this!

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