6 reasons why autumn is the best time to travel

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Cosy pubs, chunky-knit scarfs and Pumpkin Spice Latte Instas – autumn in the UK does have its perks. But being abroad is just so much more appealing. After years of school and university dictating that summer was for travel, it may still seem strange for us to contemplate taking our ‘big holiday’ or, indeed, even a weekend break at this time of year. But in this writer’s humble opinion, autumn is the far superior season for travel. Here are 6 reasons why you should plan your travels now. We’ll just leave a link to Cheapflights.co.uk here to get you started…

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1. Your trip is likely to be cheaper than the summer

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Back to school + cooler weather – crowds = great deals. If you’re going to bag an awesome travel bargain, it’s probably going to be at this time of year. The summer holiday rush has well and truly come to an end and in Europe, in particular, there are hotel and flight deals to be found during the off-peak season.

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2. And there will be waaay fewer crowds

Travelling during peak season comes at a price – both literally and metaphorically. With popular travel times comes stressful airport commutes, longer queues, crowded attractions and earlier starts to bag that sunbed before somebody else gets there first. The autumn months are generally off-peak for most of Europe and the Caribbean, so you won’t have to contend with huge swarms of tourists. Saying that, resorts won’t be completely shut down for the season – so you’ll still likely get a bit of nightlife and atmosphere if you’re looking for it.

3. It allows you to extend your summer

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You may have had a summer of envy as your colleagues skipped the Great British Summer and headed for far sunnier climes, but as the weather starts to get even worse than it was before, you’ll be able to get your own back. Whilst your desk buddies are sneakily scouring ASOS for winter coats during working hours, your online basket will be brimming with various shorts and shades combos. Get that Out-Of-Office email switched on – your summer has only just begun.

4. It’s a nice break in between summer and the festive season

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If standing in the freezing cold to watch a firework display or waiting in a ginormous queue for an over-priced, last-minute costume on October 30th doesn’t float your boat, then that dreaded period between September and the start of December leaves a lot to be desired. But if you get a trip booked, you’ll have something to look forward to before the Christmas madness ensues.

5. There’s A LOT going on at this time of year

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Summer may be filled with music festivals, but autumn has got cultural events covered. Head to Loi Krathong in Thailand to see its famous floating baskets, immerse yourself in the Hindu festival of Diwali in India, visit Mexico for the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, or stay closer to home and party in Munich at Oktoberfest.

6. Your holiday photos will look incredible

autumn travel

Other than chasing bargain deals (which you’ll find by searching on Cheapflights.co.uk) and seeking out late-season sunshine, another reason to get excited about autumn travel is for those amazing photo ops. If you don’t mind exploring with a scarf on rather than sandals, autumn is the ultimate travel-Instagram season, with leaf-peeping opportunities aplenty. Northern and Central Europe, the US, Canada and further afield in the likes of Japan are all famous for those auburn hues when late-October and November rolls around. Get your #nofilter game on.

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