15 GIFs that sum up the first day back at work after a holiday

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So you’ve been on holiday. Your Out Of Office has been working overdrive to politely dismiss you colleagues’ queries in the most socially acceptable way possible. It’s been two blissful weeks away from spreadsheets, people using phrases like “thought shower”, and sad desk-sandwiches. But you knew this day was coming. Yet, as your alarm goes off at 6.45 a.m. and you wearily drag yourself back into the 9 to 5 life, you still feel like you’re being wronged in some way.

It’s a tough day, but we’ll get through it together. And what better way to ease yourself back into corporate life than by procrastinating with a blog filled with relatable GIFs? Well, perhaps a better way would be to plan your next holiday on Cheapflights.co.uk, but who says you can’t do both? Have a read at this and then get searching for your next escape from the boardroom.

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1. You arrive at the office early to get a headstart on checking all those missed emails. But the office is a ghost town. And you’re too tired to check emails. You sit at your desk, staring blankly at your screen and regretting your decision.

2. But then you remember the joys of coffee. After a week of mojitos and cheap beer, you’d almost forgotten about this elixir of office life.

3. You’re two Nespressos in when your colleagues arrive at the office. You’re (almost) awake and ready to talk business (as well as holiday anecdotes).

4. Things start looking up when you’re reunited with you work bestie.

5. You both make a beeline for the kitchen so you can catch up on the office gossip.

6. You eventually make it back to your desk. First things first. Better get checking those emails. 15 unread messages in and your interest has waned. If there’s anything really important in there, someone will tell you, right?

7. People keep asking you polite questions about how your trip was, but all you really want is for them to notice your tan and comment on how great your Instagrams were.

8. Anything anyone says reminds you of that funny thing from your holiday and you can’t stop yourself from saying, “OMG that totally reminds me of the day-trip we took to Hvar…”. You know you’re verging on irritating… but work is boring and you can’t stop yourself.

9. Any form of conversation unrelated to your trip sounds vaguely like this…

10. The post-lunch slump makes you realise you’ve left your brain in Barbados (or Benidorm) and any question related to work leaves you deeply confused.

11. This results in you lowering your desk chair and hiding behind your monitor in a vain attempt not to attract your boss’s attention.

12. You accept that trying to work is futile and spend the day pretending to be productive. In reality, you’re actually just on your group holiday WhatsApp thread, reminiscing about better and far sunnier times.

13. Your energy levels dip to a point where even coffee can’t save you. You start to wonder if anyone will notice if you take a strategic nap in a free meeting room or a toilet cubicle.

14. It’s 4.45 p.m. and you’re just minutes from freedom. Which is all well and good until you remember that you’ve got to commute home.

15. Somehow you make it home without falling asleep on the tube and ending up in Zone 6. Peace at last. Well, until Tuesday morning that is.

Being back at work getting you down? Then head onto Cheapflights.co.uk and get searching for your next holiday.

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