Infrared car-finding feature at new Heathrow car park

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An innovative new system will be used in the main car park at Heathrow Terminal 5 when it opens in March next year.

Anyone who has ever forgotten where exactly they parked will appreciate the new system, which features infrared cameras and sensors to capture each car’s number plate as it enters the building.

These cameras, which are spaced out all through the garage, then take further pictures of the number plate when the car has been parked, and store the data.

When passengers return to their vehicle they simply need to type in their registration number into a ‘car finder’ kiosk, or insert the parking ticket. The kiosk has a monitor and the car’s location is displayed on this.

The system will also be able to guide drivers, when they first arrive, to an empty parking space using illuminated arrows on the floor.

This, says airport operator BAA, is environmentally friendly because it will cut down on people driving round in circles looking for a space.

The system has been created by Siemens and Highlight Parking Systems Limited.

Terminal 5 will house British Airways’ Heathrow operation when it opens next year. It will also feature exclusive shopping and a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

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