On holiday there are a number of perfect pairings: sunsets and cocktails, hotel rooms and stunning sea views, but if you were asked to pick your ideal celebrity other half for a holiday, who would you go for?

According to a recent survey, youthful globetrotters would rather choose substance over style when it comes to a choice of A-list travel companions.

It seems that national treasure Stephen Fry would provide the perfect yin to young travellers’ yang on a beach holiday. When it comes to a dream travel date, under 25s questioned by Gogobot, the social travel site, chose Geordie singer Cheryl Cole.

Cole proved to be such a hit with travellers of all ages that she took pole position in the league, closely followed by Fry.

Third place was taken by footballer David Beckham, fourth by US screen star Johnny Depp. Holly Willoughby, the host of This Morning, took fifth place.

Johnny Depp regained his status as an international heartthrob by taking the number one vote from female travellers over the age of 25. This was followed by Stephen Fry and David Beckham.

Oddly, the charms of music mogul Simon Cowell proved even more appealing than those of Brad Pitt, and even seasoned ladies’ man George Clooney.

“The mix of celebrities people would choose as ideal travel companions highlights just how diverse our taste is when it comes to holidays,” said Travis Katz, CEO of Gogobot.

“While we might never get lucky enough to sit back and sip Sangria with the likes of Cheryl Cole, there’s no reason why we can’t all get the most out of our dream holiday.”

For male travellers, the top three places were taken by Cheryl Cole, Holly Willoughby, and X Factor judge Tulisa. Pippa Middleton managed to steal the show from her sister once again, pipping Kate to the post in the survey.

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