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Take a little bit of Frank Sinatra's aura, mix it with the vibe of Elvis and throw in some retro-chic boutiques and five-star restaurants and you've landed in Palm Springs -- California's ultra-hip desert destination spot. Glamour and elegance characterise Palm Springs -- while the days of Frank, Marilyn, Dean Martin and Liberace are gone, an upscale and classy Palm Springs remains. Thanks to the initiatives by the late mayor Sonny Bono, Palm Springs exudes elegance -- bare-bottomed bikinis and roadside billboards have been banned in favour of top-quality establishments and landscaped greenery.

Flights to Palm Springs are packed with people looking for a reclusive holiday in the heart of the California desert. Many visitors come to Palm Springs in search of real estate and investments -- a popular pastime among the baby-boomer travellers. Bring your tennis racket, golf clubs, swimming suit and designer clothes with you on your flight to Palm Springs. This chic California town still retains its quintessential charm with a 21st century flare.

Palm Springs climate

March to May and September to November is when temperatures are at their most comfortable and the sun is shining but not scorching. Cheap flights to Palm Springs can be booked during the summer when the heat in the desert can reach over 37 degrees in the shade. Palm Springs turns into a party destination around Spring Break in March, so avoid booking flights and hotels during this time unless you want to be mobbed by college kids in need of a week of revelry.

When to fly to Palm Springs

Peak Season

March to May and September to November in Palm Springs are the most desirable times to visit. The weather is perfect, the sun is shining and rain is minimal. Beware if you're booking flights to Palm Springs during March -- students descend on the desert for Spring Break in need of some much needed partying. If you're looking for a quiet holiday in Palm Springs, wait until Spring Break is over and then book Palm Springs flights and accommodations.

Off Season

The desert is hot in the summer. If you can stand the heat, you can easily find cheap flights to Palm Springs. But pack lightly - the temperature can reach over 37 degrees in the shade.

Getting around Palm Springs

Palm Springs is very pedestrian-friendly as long as you remember to protect yourself from the heat. Hiring a car is another attractive option and can easily be arranged at the airport.

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Avg temp for this month inPalm Springs22.4 °CSource: World Weather Online
Avg monthly rainfall inPalm Springs29.7 mmSource: World Weather Online
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