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When is the best time to fly to Aguadilla?

The spring in Aguadilla spans from April to June, with pleasant temperatures of approximately 25°C and a calm breeze. June is the hottest month, and is also when most of the festivals take place, such as SoFo Culinary Week and Saborea! food festivals.

Flights and hotel rates are cheapest during the winter months, which last from December to April. There will be plenty of empty hotel rooms in Aguadilla, so it will not be difficult to barter a lower room price. Airfares are generally cheaper to all destinations throughout December and January.

City overview

Founded in 1775, the city of Aguadilla is located in the north-western part of Puerto Rico, and is highly regarded as a tourist destination thanks to the white sands and blue waters of its beaches, metropolitan city centre area, and plentiful shopping opportunities. The city possesses many internationally recognised awards, including the "Best Quality of Life Award" from the National Mayor Association in both 2002 and 2004. Aguadilla boasts having the most beaches in Puerto Rico, with 19, and is a popular resort for surfers. As part of the Porta del Sol region of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla is ideally situated with its many ports and harbours, and is just a short journey by sea to many locations throughout the Caribbean, such as the Virgin Islands, Isla de Mona, and Dominican Republic. Aguadilla is brimming with historical sites, attractions, activities, and shopping areas. The down town area of the city includes a historical town centre full of Caribbean flavour, as well as restaurants serving up both local and international cuisine. There is a variety of attractions and destinations throughout Aguadilla suitable for all visitors, whether they be couples, families, or solo travellers. Aside from the many white sandy beaches throughout Aguadilla, there are plenty of historical locations and both indoor and outdoor activities available. Adventure seekers will enjoy the Caribbean's only ice skating arena, and the West Paradise where visitors can enjoy snorkelling, kayaking, and diving. The Old Aguadilla Lighthouse Ruins is a look back to the Spanish colonial period which history and culture enthusiasts will appreciate. Surfers and summer fun lovers can take part in water sports at some of the world's most renowned surfing beaches such as Surfer's Beach, Gas Chambers, and Crash Boat.

Getting around Aguadilla

The main transport hub in Aguadilla is King Face Public Transportation Terminal, which receives bus services from all across Aguadilla. Several roadways link Aguadilla to the rest of Puerto Rico, such as PR-2 (Rafael Henández Highway), Puerto Rico Highway 22 (José de Diego Expressway), and Puerto Rico Highway 111.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Airport arrivals will land at Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN), a mere 6 miles (10 km) from Aguadilla, and can reach the city by public or airport provided transport. A taxi service is available for the short journey to Aguadilla, however the price is fixed, although there is no harm in trying to barter the price.

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