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Victoria overview

Victoria is the smallest state in Australia, but it is also the most urbanised. Tourists visit Victoria every year for the local food and wine, shopping and natural attractions.

Victoria is a food lover's delight. Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne, is synonymous with decadent food and wine, and is home to world-wide award-winning restaurants. The Yarra Valley is host to an overwhelming choice of restaurants, and travellers can visit the Milawa Gourmet Region to sample delicious cheeses, mustards and honey.

Outside of the capital city Melbourne, travellers can visit one of Victoria’s 35 national parks. Meet the koalas at Phillip Island Nature Park or watch the Southern Right Whales return to the waters at Logans Beach. And if exploring wildlife isn’t your forte, head straight to Daylesford, the “spa capital of Victoria”.

For travellers booking flights to Victoria, the options are endless. International flights to Victoria will land at Melbourne where an entire city waits to welcome its visitors.

Victoria climate

Most of the state is in the warm and temperate band of the south east corner of Australia with warm and dry summers (December to February) and cool, wet winters (June to August); however temperatures can vary widely. The Australian Alps in the northeast have snow from June to September, while the eastern highlands, Gippsland and the Otway Ranges to the west receive the heaviest rainfall. Melbourne has a variable climate that is well known for its four-seasons-in-a-day weather patterns, but generally June and July are the coldest months, January and February are the hottest, and October is the wettest time of year.

When to fly to Victoria

With such a seasonal selection, booking flights to Victoria can depend solely on your weather preferences.

Peak Season: For more moderate weather, book flights to Victoria when neither extreme hot nor cold weather prevails. The shoulder season between November and January attracts most tourists.

Off-peak Season: Although there’s no bad time to book a flight to Victoria, fewer tourists head there in the months between April and August. This is also a great time to find cheap flights to Victoria, so book your travel in advance.

Getting around Victoria

Highways and modern road systems make renting a car the easiest method of Victoria travel. Purchasing a CityLink pass allows you to freely come and go between all three major freeways that connect Victoria’s most prominent sections. The West Gate freeway, the Monash Freeway (to get to Phillips Island and Gippsland), and the Tullamarine freeway (to get the airport and Goldfields) are all easily accessible with the pass. Use it for up to three days of travel.

Victoria insider information

Cellar Door Pass: For the ultimate food and wine experience, the Cellar Door Pass is a must. A place to discover superior food and wine, Victoria wine country has more than 40 locations to visit and learn about the process and pairing of wine. Yarra Valley, for instance, has six estates that all focus on regional expression. The Balgownie Estate, among others has two vineyards and two cellars, and specialises in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, maintains a wine museum, restaurant, and award winning preservation. If you’re yearning for even more, or booking your flight to Victoria solely based on vineyard hopping, then your next stop should be Mornington Peninsula, where six other wine regions intertwine. Save the extra money from your cheap flight to Victoria and ship a few cases of your favourite bottle home.

Local Produce: Once you’ve experienced the class of the Victorian wine world, there’s no going back on quality, especially with food. If you’re planning your flight to Victoria around culinary encounters, then fresh, diverse local produce is right at your fingertips. Between road stalls, shop fronts, market sellers, pubs, food festivals, and even pick-your-own farms, your selection in Victoria is nothing short of ample. Especially in coastal areas, farming and fishing are considered artful appreciations, and a range of seafood, meats, berries, and cheeses are picked and produced with the utmost care. The region’s cool climate and variety ensures your food’s quality, and the personal preparation makes sure it’s fresh and affordable. Follow road signs for specialised markets for things like strawberries, eggs, cherries, cheese, and organic vegetables, or look for Red Hill Cool Stores, where you can find it all in one spot.

Air & Road Shows: For outdoor fun and spectator sport, book your flight to Victoria in March to take advantage of the prestigious air show and elite motor racing. The Australian International Air show, run by the military, puts rotary winged jets, attack helicopters, rockets, and missiles on the display. Rapid rolls, reversals, twists and turns are just a few of the tricks you’ll see up in the clouds. The fun doesn’t stop at sky-gazing though, because just around the corner is the Formula One Grand Prix, where the fastest men in F1 racing burn rubber and lead-foot around Albert Park all day long.

Royal Botanic Gardens: With more than 12,000 species of plant and wildlife to absorb, you’re sure to get a breath of fresh air at the lavish Royal Botanic Gardens. If you’re craving a little greenery after a stifling flight to Victoria, spend a few hours strolling the rich 89 acres of exotic plants and residential bird life. If you found a cheap flight to Victoria in the summer, you’ll be able to catch the moonlight cinema, where classic and cult movies are played on the green for all to see.

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