High Tea! BA offers signature altitude tea to passengers

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British Airways is to serve a signature blend of tea, with Twinings, on board its flights.

Recent research by The Co-operative Travel has shown that Brits are reluctant to be parted from their beloved brew, even when on holiday. Almost one third – 31 per cent – of those questioned admitted to stashing away a few choice tea bags to take away on their break abroad (Featured image: Dr Patrick George).

Now travellers can enjoy a perfect cuppa, even as they take to the skies, after British Airways revealed that it will be serving a signature blend of tea, in partnership with Twinings, on board future flights.

BA serves 35m cups of tea on its flights each year
BA serves 35m cups of tea on its flights each year. Image: BA

The choice blend, comprised of Assam, Kenyan and high grown Ceylon tea, was created in light of research which shows that taste can be reduced by up to 30 per cent at altitude. The research also suggested that reduced air pressure and humidity, as well as the lower boiling point of water on an aircraft (89 degrees centrigrade) can also play havoc with our palettes.

Luckily for tea connoisseurs, BA says the tea has been “specifically designed to work at altitude”. This means that passengers in all classes can happily raise a china cup to the move, when the service starts rolling out on all classes from tomorrow, February 1st.

Kate Thornton, British Airways’ head of product and service, said: “British Airways has decided to lead a campaign to improve tea in the air. With an incredible number of teas available from around the world, there is a real opportunity to create innovative new flavours, perfect for flight. At British Airways we serve 35 million cups a year and we are proud to have what we believe is the best traditional British cuppa in the air.”

The tea is a blend of Assam, Kenyan and high grown Ceylon tea
The tea is a blend of Assam, Kenyan and high grown Ceylon tea. Image: Cinnamon Vogue

BA says the tea blend works well with or without milk, meaning that millions of passengers could potentially have their taste buds tickled by the nation’s favourite hot drink, whichever way they like it served.

First-Class passengers will also be able to enjoy a selection of unique speciality teas from the Twinings Whole Leaf Silky Pyramid range, which includes English Breakfast; Earl Grey; Mint Humbug; Jasmine Pearls; Red Berry Fool and Honeycomb Camomile.

In Club World, customers have a choice of Cranberry & Elderflower, Camomile and Peppermint infusions, as well as Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Green Tea.

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