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When is the best time to fly to Antigua?

Peak Season:

The peak season in Antigua is the winter season, not only can you escape the dreadful English weather, but during December and April Antigua benefits from very dry but warm weather. Book your flights to Antigua in advance to save some money during this period as the island gets very busy with crowds. May and June offer similar weather and you might find cheap flights to Antigua then however there are lots of festivals on offer starting in May. This isn't a bad thing although it can push the price of flight tickets up by a considerable amount.

Off Season:

Between May and November is classed as the low season, the weather is still very pleasant, in fact July and August can almost be unbearable, although the end of July does host the Summer Carnival. It's a 10 day long festival which isn't to be missed if you’re in Antigua at that time of year, however if you do intend to visit make sure you book your flights to Antigua early as they can get very expensive. September to November is the hurricane season and Antigua isn't spared any punches. You'll find the cheapest flights to Antigua at this time of year although a lot of places might be closed or the dangerous weather could prevent you from doing a lot. The weather is still warm, although sometimes it gets very muggy.

When is the best time to book a flight to Antigua?

Flights to Antigua are available almost all year round, and although you'll find discounts on your flight tickets during the hurricane season, you'll experience a lot more to spend a bit extra on your flights to Antigua. If you want to visit the Carnival, it's imperative to book your flights as early as you can to stand any chance of saving money on your flight tickets. April can fluctuate because Antigua holds a sailing competition, so book your flights in advance if you want to visit then. Generally you'll be able to find cheap flights to Antigua if you are flexible with your dates, especially if you're not fussed about the events and just want the stunning beaches. Weather permitting, you should be able to get a great view of the Caribbean islands if you sit on the left side of the plane.

How long is the flight to Antigua?

Flights from London (All airports) to Antigua - 8 hours 45 minutes

Flights from Manchester to Antigua - 8 hours 30 minutes

Flights from Birmingham to Antigua - 9 hours 35 minutes

Flights from Glasgow to Antigua - 9 hours 40 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Antigua?

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are two reputable airlines that regularly operate flights to Antigua, as well as Condor, Iberia and Thomas Cook. Virgin provide comfortable flights with a very up-to-date selection of movies to watch onboard, and British Airways provide complimentary snacks and drink services for the entirety of the flight. Providing you have time to plan your vacation and you're not rushed into purchasing a flight to Antigua, you should compare the prices of each airline first and then check for any extra goodies they might offer to give you a great start to your well needed break.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala is the closest airport to Antigua, it's about an hour’s drive away. Don't worry though, getting there isn't difficult. Once you've arranged your flight to Antigua, the next thing on your list should be accommodation. Some hotels do offer or provide a pickup service direct from the airport to your hotel. You can also jump on one of the infamous chicken buses that drive all over Guatemala, however even though they are incredibly cheap, they aren't reliable and take a long, long time to get there. Plus if you have a lot of luggage you could be in for a squashed journey. Taxi's are readily available outside of the airport and most of them are happy to make the trip, just agree on a price first. A taxi is probably the easiest and most convenient way to get to Antigua if your hotel doesn't provide a pickup service. Lastly you could rent a car, however this isn't the safest option. One issue is trying to find somewhere in Antigua to park where your car won't get broken into.

Antigua and Barbuda insider information

With a bit of forward planning you can save loads of cash on your holidays, with Antigua for example, you can apply for a very useful discount card.

As well as saving money with a discount card, Antigua is up there with luxurious holiday destinations for under £1000 a person.

Antigua also has an amazing pink beach, yet the beach is a hidden gem that almost nobody knows about, and it tops the list of hidden beaches around the world!

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