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Glorious beaches with warm sands and azure water, endless sun and the mildest of breezes – but there is more to it than that. And the type of travellers who book flights to Puerto Rico ranges from families and couples to eco-tourists or partygoers.

Its society is a blend of Spanish, African, Indian and US influences that has more in common with other Caribbean countries than the US. Its people are warm, friendly and fiercely proud of their country. The island is rich in natural resources, rain forests, and ancient volcanic mountains. Among its many ancient buildings and monuments are some that date back 500 years to the Conquistadors.

Sports enthusiasts coming off a flight to Puerto Rico will relish the outdoor activities including hiking, birding, diving and caving. The golf and tennis courts are among the best in the West Indies and there is also horseback riding, superlative scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing. When the sun goes down, there are many ways to party - gambling, extravagant shows, all-night salsa dancing, or dinner in a quiet local restaurant.

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