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If you want idyllic beaches and a leisurely lifestyle, get cheap flights to Barbados for your next holiday. This Caribbean island is one of the most luxuriant and friendly, with white sand beaches and tropical gardens around every corner.

Barbados was once a British colony, and, although it’s been a sovereign country since 1966, the island retains many English influences in its culture. English is the official language, cricket is the national sport and you can find many Anglican churches around the island, but the calypso music and dance culture that infuses Barbados life has its roots in Africa. That mix of the familiar and the exotic is why many English holidaymakers book flights to Barbados. Cricket fans on their way here especially look forward to the Kensington Oval near the capital of Bridgetown, a stadium often seen as the “Mecca of cricket”. In the centre of the island, among limestone hills and plantations, the curious can visit museums on Barbados’ fascinating but dark colonial history.

Barbados has one of the highest standards of living in the developing world and there are plenty of wonderful hotels, villas and cottages to stay in, particularly on the west and south coasts. Those looking for great surf and other water sports should stay on the east coast. There is sunshine all year, even during the so-called wet season from June to November, and luckily Barbados is not within the primary Atlantic hurricane belt that affects many other Caribbean islands each year.

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