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Ayers Rock overview

Located in the northern part of Central Australia, Ayers Rock is a truly unique landform of impressive scope which must be seen to be believed. As a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, this striking monolith really is one of the world's greatest natural wonders. The outstanding physical beauty of this rock formation is reason enough to explore its territory, with its immense size and breathtaking colour transitions caused by the rising and setting of the sun drawing visitors from near and far. From rock caves and springs to water holes and archaic paintings, Ayers Rock is a physical splendour to behold. The spiritual significance of this site is also a main attraction for those seeking an oasis of serenity and untouched beauty. Known as 'Uluru' by the Aboriginal people of the area, the traditional landowners of the site hold it as a sacred place which has many myths and legends attached. For those interested in a cultural experience, there are traditional bush foods and associated myths as well as a range of unique flora and fauna to explore. There are many guided tours available to take visitors through the history, geology, culture and spiritual significance of the landform. With an adjacent fully-equipped resort offering accommodation, food, transport links and tour information, this unique destination caters to all. Ayers Rock is an ideal location for those who enjoy scenic beauty, outdoor activities, cultural history and spiritual exploration in a stunning landscape that cannot be found elsewhere.

When to fly to Ayers Rock

The best time to visit is between August and September. The desert climate means that night time temperatures can significantly drop, so these months provide the most comfortable temperatures and weather conditions. Winter months of June and July prove extremely harsh with regards to night time temperatures, so are best avoided if camping is to be a part of your trip. The off-peak season of November to March is the cheapest but also the hottest time to travel to the resort, with many discounted hotel deals available in the close vicinity.

Getting around Ayers Rock

Sunrise and sunset are the focal points of a visit to Ayers Rock, as these provide the hours of optimal scenery and colour transition caused by natural light. Take advantage of a guided tour to enjoy the many delights of the site, or hire a car and drive yourself around the rock and its stunning environs. There are several shuttle buses which take people around the various spots in the resort, as well as a bike-hire option. The Ayers Rock Visitor Centre is a great place to start your exploration, with a host of information available on walks, tours, history, accommodation and culture to avail of to really make the most of your trip.

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