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When is the best time to visit Horn Island?

Those in search of the sun's rays will find solace in Horn Island all year round. Its tropical climate ensures that warm temperatures are consistent from January through to December, so the island is definitely a safe bet for those wanting to ensure nothing rains on their parade whilst on holiday. For cheap flights, avoid the Christmas period as well as the Australian school holiday time.

Why visit Horn Island?

Revered for its stunning natural beauty and village-like serenity, Horn Island is a beautiful place to find some peace and quiet amongst the golden sands and warm waters of the Torres Strait. The island belongs to the group of Torres Strait Islands, which form Australia's northernmost point. Offering visitors and locals alike a truly serene island getaway, it’s no wonder that Horn Island is repeatedly a favourite choice of those looking to find rest and relaxation in breathtaking surroundings. Yet the island is far from just a picturesque escape, it is also brimming with culture and history. During World War Two the island suffered eight Japanese air raids. If you have a penchant for the past, a guided tour of the island may be something worth considering. Step back in time and learn about those who served on Horn Island during this time as you visit various sites around the island, such as underground command posts, a plane relic, and preserved slit trenches. Try to also factor in a trip to the privately run Torres Strait Heritage Museum and Art Gallery to see the interesting wartime exhibitions on show. Those who enjoy a more active side to their holiday will enjoy the pearling and fishing opportunities which are legion, thanks the island's crystalline waters. And, of course, with plenty of ferry services around, it's simple to travel further afield to some of the surrounding islands such as Hammond Island, Wednesday Island, Thursday Island, and Friday Island - almost one for each day of the week! Since these islands are just a short journey away (from as little as 15 minutes by ferry) you won't need to plan your day around visiting other islands, simply hop on, hop off, and start exploring.

Getting around Horn Island

As the name suggests, Horn Island is small enough to allow visitors to explore the area without coming into any difficulty transportation wise. With just 650 or so residents, you won't get lost, with or without a map. In fact, the beauty of the island is most definitely best encountered through morning walks or sunset strolls.

Getting from the Aiport to Horn Island

Often regarded as the gateway to the Torres Strait, The Horn Island Airport (HID) brings visitors from far and wide to this quaint island. Simply step off the plane and onto the runway and you're just a stone’s throw away from the sandy plains and warm waters. Take a taxi or hire a car depending on how long you're staying in the area.

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