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Peak Season:

Summer (June to August) is the high tourist season and the time when most people take a flight to Martha's Vineyard. This is also when the ferries run more frequently between the islands, and when flight and accommodation prices are at a premium.

Off Season:

Months from around November until March are the off-seasons on the Vineyard, but also the most peaceful times to visit the island. The ferries don't run as frequently so be sure to check ahead when booking boats to/from the island. Best months to find cheap flights to Martha's Vineyard and enjoy the island.

Destination Overview

Once your flight Martha's Vineyard lands experience a bit of island living in New England. The island of wild grapes is a favourite summer destination for New Englanders and out-of-town guests. Tourism is undoubtedly the main economic factor that keeps this island afloat, but celebrity A-listers also find peace and solace here, thanks to hidden homes and private beaches. Martha's Vineyard is far less developed than Cape Cod, but that's what makes this island so appealing as it is a holiday back to simplicity. Farmers’ markets, plenty of beaches, outdoor concerts and plays, and plenty of easy-going nightlife options keep this island area buzzing. There are no direct flights to Martha's Vineyard, but travellers can book flights to Boston and connect on a charter flight to Cape Cod before hopping a ferry to the island.

Each town in Martha's Vineyard has its own unique personality. Vineyard Haven is the island's main port and it is where ferries from   Nantucket and Cape Cod arrive and where private yachts dock year-round. Oak Bluff's is the Vineyard's "fun" town. The Flying Horses Carousel in the middle of the village is the focal point and surrounded by cookie-cutter homes, ice cream stands and pizza parlours. Edgartown is the quaint and graceful village with stylish boutiques and restaurants, modern homes and impeccable landscapes. Regardless of which town you visit, Martha's Vineyard is always friendly and welcoming. Visitors will find plenty to do during their holiday here.

Martha's Vineyard insider information

  • Take a trip to Gay Head and dip your feet in the red clay cliffs that surround the area. Part of Gay Head is designated nude beaches, but they are secluded from family areas so parents needn't worry.
  • Take a walk through the Oak Bluff's centre of town, grab an ice cream and admire the famous gingerbread homes on Circuit Avenue. These homes, which look very much like doll houses, are centuries old and provide a colourful and cheery aspect to the town.
  • Dine at the famous Black Dog Cafe -- a Martha's Vineyard favourite -- and walk along Oak Bluff Beach, made famous by the move Jaws.

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