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Best time to fly

Peak Season:

July and August are the busiest months and when most visitors take flights to Nantucket for summer retreats. This is also the most expensive time for flights and accommodation on the island, but also the most festive.

Off Season:

Nantucket is a summer destination; winter, fall and spring are the low-season and when Nantucket is quietest, the best time to find cheap flights to Nantucket but keep in mind that many restaurants, boutiques and attractions keep off-season hours.

City Overview

Cottage homes, church steeples, woven baskets, white beaches and picturesque lighthouses make up the quaint and quintessential New England resort town of Nantucket. Located 30 miles (48 km) off the coast of Cape Cod. Take a flight to Nantucket and enjoy a peaceful escape from the hustle and chaos of nearby Boston and Providence. Once the whaling capital of the world, today's Nantucket still retains its old-world charm while new world money and luxury yachts find a home in Nantucket.

The island is mainly residential but in the summer becomes a favourite destination for thousands of tourists. New and renovated homes continue to be built, but the majority of Nantucket is protected land. Walk the beaches, take a bike ride or go window shopping at the island's exclusive boutiques before settling in for a sunset dinner at one of Nantucket's open-air restaurants along the beach.

Getting around Nantucket

If you want to save some money on gas, leave the car and take the shuttle bus around the island. The Nantucket shuttle bus runs throughout the day around the island. You'll never wait longer than 15 minutes for a shuttle bus in peak season.

The best way to see Nantucket is on a bike. Rent it from one of the local bike shops and set off on one of the many bike trails around the island. The views are majestic and the exercise is beneficial!

Getting to the city from the airport

If you're flying long-distance, consider taking a flight to Boston and then rent a car and drive to Cape Cod. There are ferry boats available all year-round to take travellers to Nantucket.

Nantucket insider information

  • Nantucket is a tourist resort, so be careful where you shop and buy. Bargains are hard to find, but if you're in the mood for shopping head to the centre of town and check out some of the Nantucket-only boutiques and shops.
  • Ice cream is a religion in Nantucket. To find the best ice cream it's wise to try a few different places, but like anything, watch the costs. Some ice cream shops in town prey on the tourist dollar, while the hidden gems might give out sprinkles for free.  
  • Don't leave Nantucket without a Nantucket basket. These little baskets are woven in Nantucket and come in the form of jewellery, pottery and more.
  • Visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum for a historical look into the island and its history.
  • Get off the island for a day and take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod. During the summer months, the Nantucket Ferry runs frequently but it's ideal to buy your tickets ahead of time. You can take your car to Nantucket but you'll need to reserve a spot for it on the Nantucket ferry.

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