Virgin Atlantic announces extra flights to Cancun, Mexico

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Virgin Atlantic is upping its flight schedule to Cancun, in order to cope with the surge in demand for one of Mexico’s most popular destinations

Demand for one of Mexico’s most popular beach resorts is increasing, with Virgin Atlantic upping its flight schedule to Cancun in order to cope with the surge.

Virgin confirmed that British holidaymakers are heading to Cancun in their droves to take advantage of average temperatures of 31°C in the summer months and expanses of white, sandy beaches. According to the airline, visitor numbers have shot up by 11.6 per cent since 2010.

The airline announced that it was adding an extra weekly flight to the Mexican city to its schedule from April 2013, adding to the twice-weekly service from Gatwick to Cancun introduced in June 2011.

Cancun at night

“Cancun is performing extremely well for us and in fact, is one of our most successful launches ever,” said a Virgin spokesman.

“Transatlantic routes have always been at the core of Virgin Atlantic’s business and we are delighted to be able to show our commitment to Mexico and add the extra service.”

Earlier this year, Virgin offered tax-free flights to Cancun in order to highlight just how much British travellers are paying in Air Passenger Duty.

Recent research from the Post Office also supported the idea that Mexico is fast becoming a firm fixture on the list of destinations favoured by tourists from the UK.

Cancun is a popular holiday spot

The Mexican peso was listed as one of its fastest growing currencies, with summer sales rising by around half compared to figures for 2011. Travel website also reported a sharp rise in searches for holidays to Cancun in July.

Mexico’s Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara also revealed that the country expects a record number of foreign tourist arrivals this year.

Estimates from the Tourism Secretariat forecast suggest that in 2012 the number of domestic and international tourists in Mexico will surpass the 200 million mark, up from the previous record of 191 million set in 2011.

The country currently ranks 10th worldwide in terms of the number of foreign visitors, and is aiming to make its way into the top five by 2018.

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