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The port town of Karratha in Western Australia is a very modern and vibrant urban development. It was originally a mining settlement, and there are plenty of links to this rich and fascinating history both in the landscape and in the architectural style and the cultural artefacts on display in galleries and museums. One of the key attractions of this part of Australia is its proximity to the Millstream-Chichester National Park. This stunning area of great natural beauty is home to some stunning pools, wonderful animals, and rich vegetation. It is a brilliant location for a stroll with the family! Another great thing to do when visiting Karratha is to head down to the historic pearl fishing port of Cossack. Here, you can take unforgettable boat rides along the coast to the neighbouring islands, or explore the lighthouse, which has been turned into a tourist exhibit. In Aboriginal language, 'Karratha' means 'good country', and it is easy to see why when you visit this amazing town in Western Australia. Surrounding the town centre are some magnificent hills, and these provide a fantastic setting for a picnic or a stroll. Situated very close to a gorgeous coastline, this city is also perfect for travellers who want to enjoy various water sports.

When to fly to Karratha

Summer in this region of the world falls between November and February and, if you can stand the heat, this is a great time to enjoy the hot weather. For milder, more temperate conditions, it is best to visit between May and October. Christmas time is a national holiday in Karratha, and tourism tends to be more expensive during the Christmas holidays. You can always time your visit to coincide with one of the many festivals in Karratha, such as the annual Red Earth Arts Festival.

Getting around Karratha

Most people find that the best way to get around in this part of Australia is to hire a sturdy vehicle that will get you to all of the main sights, even those that are off road. Alternatively, pick up one of the transit van style buses that are available throughout the city, and use them to get you to the key sights (such as the National Park or the coast). Public taxis are available too, just remember to give tips!

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