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How to Eat like a Finn. Photo by VisitFinland

How to Eat like a Finn

Finland is a sparsely-populated country, with the majority of people living in the “tri-town” of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The rest of the country is mostly forest with the odd small town. This non-arable land offers little in the cold climate ...

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Beach & Nature
Feature – Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Patagonia

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Patagonia

Patagonia rhymes with utopia – yes, we’ve noticed. This extraordinary region of sunny domes and caves of ice is heaven-on-earth to those who know it. Journey down to the southernmost tip of South America and you’ll find mountains bejewelled with ...

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Cheap & Free

A Children’s Book Guide to Travel

Here are some of our favourite real-world destinations that inspired the writers of these much-loved childhood classics – in infographic form… Add this infographic on your site by copying and pasting the code below: <img ...

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6 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the lover with a heartstring budget

6 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the lover with a heartstring budget

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and though our hearts may be full, our pockets are well and truly empty. But no need to splash your cash – it’s the thought that counts, and you’ll be surprised how a little goes along way.

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Food & Drink
America's Most Exciting Gypsy Brewers 4

America’s Most Exciting Gypsy Brewers

It seems logical that brewers would make beer at their own breweries. Right? Well, not always. In the past few years, the growing “gypsy” movement in craft beer is encompassing ever more creative brewers who don’t have a domestic base to call ...

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World’s Most Extreme Walks

“Walking? That’s child’s play,” you may scoff. But find yourself scrambling through dark claustrophobic caves, or edging along a precipitous mountain outcrop, and you’ll be laughing on the other side of your face. Take a look at the lowdown on ...

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Volcanoes You Can Visit
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Travel Inspiration
Places named after Shakespeare. Photo by Jack Dorsey

Places named after Shakespeare

William Shakespeare coined a lot of phrases that we use all the time. “All of a sudden”, “fair play”, “good riddance”, “love is blind”, and “night owl” were all first used by Mr S. It’s only fitting that we name a few places in his honour. Take ...

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Moving Abroad is Cheaper Than You Think?

Many people dream of upping sticks and leaving the UK for an exciting new job, relationship or study opportunity. And while a new location can seem appealing, many people are unaware how cheaply they can leave the UK and jet off to their new ...

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5 Weirdest Easter Traditions From Around The World

If you stop and think about it, Easter traditions are, well…pretty strange. Firstly, there’s the large, friendly rabbit that delivers treats to children. Then there are the multicolored eggs hidden around the yard. And how about the egg rolling ...

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