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Bizarre sports you can play in Finland. Photo by

Bizarre sports you can play in Finland

Finnish people have to put up with a lot. Not only is it really cold most of the time, but parts of the country have to deal with constant sunshine for six months and then seemingly eternal darkness for the other half of the year. It’s no wonder ...

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Beach & Nature
Top 10 places to unplug

Top 10 Places to Unplug

Earth Day is the celebration of the environmental protection movement and an annual reminder to appreciate and care for our planet. In reality, we often feel the need to make a conscious effort to distance ourselves from our daily lives and ...

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Cheap & Free
Funny April Fools Day Traditions from Around the World © Ulrik Tofte/iStock/Thinkstock

5 Funny April Fool's Day Traditions from Around the World

Ever since the ancient Roman holiday of Hilaria, people have been celebrating the arrival of spring with merriment, in other words, pulling totally ridiculous pranks.

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6 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the lover with a heartstring budget

6 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the lover with a heartstring budget

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and though our hearts may be full, our pockets are well and truly empty. But no need to splash your cash – it’s the thought that counts, and you’ll be surprised how a little goes along way.

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Food & Drink

Top Brewery Tours in Milwaukee

Milwaukee isn’t nicknamed brew city for nothing. This sprawling city in Wisconsin has an historic love affair with beer, and has been brewing the good stuff for as long as anyone can remember. Originally a prime producer of lager, Milwaukee has, ...

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8 killer photography tips you need to know if you're taking pictures - underwater 8

8 killer photography tips you need to know if you're taking pictures –...

Sarah Lee, photographer, shares her expertise on creating beautiful underwater pictures.

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How to fake being English in 11 easy steps. Photo by Steve Webster

How to fake being English in 11 easy steps

What what, jolly good, how do? Fish and chips with jellied eels, perchance? Quite the predicament, one’s English’s vernacular, old chap. I say, here are a few pointers for ruddy good blokes who want to immerse themselves in the Queen’s culture ...

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Moving Abroad is Cheaper Than You Think?

Many people dream of upping sticks and leaving the UK for an exciting new job, relationship or study opportunity. And while a new location can seem appealing, many people are unaware how cheaply they can leave the UK and jet off to their new ...

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5 Weirdest Easter Traditions From Around The World

If you stop and think about it, Easter traditions are, well…pretty strange. Firstly, there’s the large, friendly rabbit that delivers treats to children. Then there are the multicolored eggs hidden around the yard. And how about the egg rolling ...

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