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If you're flying into the Olympic Dam Airport you might be headed to the mining site for business, or simply to the southern Australian outback to begin a road trip adventure. Since temperatures are at their hottest from November through to March it might be useful to bear this in mind when packing your suitcase or planning your travel itinerary.

City overview

Synonymous with mining, Olympic Dam in South Australia is a world-famous mining centre. Producing uranium, copper, gold, and silver, Olympic Dam is one of the world's largest mines when it comes to discovering copper-uranium. Understandably, most visitors to the Dam will be there for work or research purposes; however there are also regular tours open to the public that run from the nearby town of Roxby Downs. Jump on board a bus and travel to the vast mining site to see from afar how some of the mining processes work. For safety reasons visitors are not permitted to leave the bus, which is just as well as the site is one of the biggest in the world so best to stick with the tour guide. Normally tours don't venture underground, but there is plenty to see above ground for those interested in this intricate system. The mining site is situated in the Australian outback, with little in terms of towns of cities nearby. However, for those partial to unspoilt nature reserves and beautiful scenery, there are several lakes nearby to explore. Lake Torrens National Park, Lake Macfarlane, and Lake Gairdner National Park surround the Olympic Dam on its southern side. Head to Lake Torrens National Park, a picturesque dry salt flat, for views that span 155 miles (250 km) and a peaceful atmosphere that is seldom found in today's life full of all the hustle and bustle.

Getting around Olympic Dam

It's no secret. The Olympic Dam isn't very well connected to the surrounding areas unless you are travelling by car. All visitors to the area, unless you have other arrangements, should definitely look into hiring a car from the airport. This will give you the freedom necessary to jump in, buckle up, and hit the road, without having to walk for hours on end or rely on intermittent tour buses passing through the area.

Getting from the Airport to the City

The Olympic Dam Airport (OLP) receives several flights daily, mostly from Adelaide Airport (ADL), which is located around 340 miles (550 km) northwest from the mining centre. The best way to continue your journey into southern Australia is of course by a private rental car. With limited public transportation and vast ground to cover it is worth researching a few car hire options before you travel to find one that best suits your needs. Fear not, there are several available, so simply take some time to decide which ones suit your needs best. Then, when you touch down you'll have your car ready and waiting for you.

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